About Us

We aim to provide an exceptional service that delivers an outstanding customer experience.

We are committed to serving the Land Rover community and delivering an experience that ensures 'Above and Beyond' is not only what Land Rover stands for, but what Glenrands delivers every time.


Land Rover, 1986

Our Vision

At Glenrands we are striving to create an exceptional independent Land Rover Repair Centre, driven by our passion for this truly iconic British brand.

We believe that life is about creating balance. Between work and family life, between business and play, between city and country. Life is a balance both on and off the road.

Our wealth is in the meaningful relationships we create with our customers, staff and the extended Land Rover community. Relationships founded on trust, integrity and respect (and of course centred around an appreciation for Land Rover).

We foster an environment for our staff to excel at becoming the best versions of themselves. Where problem solving, understanding and a strive for excellence are the metrics they are measured by.

"Companies are not ingenious, it's the people in them that are."
James Dyson

Our Journey

Ross started his first Land Rover Independent specialist garage in 2013 in London. This business grew until it was bursting at the seams, but with commercial space being so hard to get in the city and our love of the country side, it wasn’t a hard decision to look further out.

Knowing that we want to become an independent exceptional repairer we set out to find a premises that would meet the corporate standards and our dreams of a world class garage in an area that had a demand for our service. In Hampshire we found the exact balance between utility farming Defenders and the safe stylish Vogues and we knew Liphook would be the start of the new chapter in our Land Rover journey.

Unlike the larger PLC owned garages, we are a smaller independent on a mammoth growth path to becoming a recognised brand within the Land Rover community. Living by the Land Rover slogan of "Above and Beyond" we aim to exemplify this along our journey.

Follow our journey on our social media pages or become part of the #GlenrandsFans movement and share your own Land Rover story with us.

"“The best way to predict your future is to create it”"
Abraham Lincoln (also one of Ralph Speth's favourite quotes)

Our Team


Joeseph Smith

Founder and CEO

This is a bio about the main man

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
C.S. Lewis