Know Your Land Rover: Ingenium Engines

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Do not ignore that “Service Required” light on your dashboard. The next-gen Ingenium engines built by JLR was supposed to be at the cutting edge of petrol and diesel technology. However, our first-hand experience has shown just how much heartache this 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine has brought to our customers.  The Ingenium was introduced in 2016 and is now used in …

All you need to know about your Land Rover and Range Rover Air Conditioning system, AC, Air-Con service

Know Your Land Rover: Air-Conditioners

Glenrands_RossKnow Your Land Rover

By: Ross Brunyee (Glenrands Director and Land Rover Fan) In this addition of our Know Your Land Rover (KYLR) series I thought I’d write about understanding your cars air-conditioning system. I will highlight why maintenance is so important and what is involved in a Land Rover air-conditioner service. Glenrands Land Rover has invested in two new flagship Mahle A/C machines. …

Know Your Land Rover: Services that you DON’T need!

Glenrands_RossKnow Your Land Rover

In the next instalment of our Know Your Land Rover (KYLR) series Ross takes a look at services that you DON’T need. In this article Ross discusses the up-sell favourite “The Transmission Flush”… a typical way some garages can get you to spend more money that you needed to… Know Your Land Rover – empowering our customers with the knowledge they need to have an exceptional Land Rover experience…

Hunter Wheel Alignment in action on a Land Rover at Glenrands Land Rover and Range Rover Repair Specialists in Liphook, Hampshire, Surrey

Know Your Land Rover: Wheel Alignment

Glenrands_RossKnow Your Land Rover

Glenrands launched a new service to help local drivers reduce their motoring costs and improve their safety on the roads. Thanks to the company’s investment in a state-of-the-art manufacturer approved Hunter four-wheel alignment system, drivers will be able to have their wheel alignment measured quickly and accurately. Any subsequent adjustments will then help to reduce any premature or uneven tyre wear, …