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All our parts come directly from Land Rover and come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

We are often repairing the damage caused by the use of unauthorised 'pirate' parts. These parts, often sold as cheaper alternatives to the original, create long-term damage to your vehicle. Rather choose genuine Land Rover Re-Man parts instead.

Choose from our recommended accessories to customise or upgrade your Land Rover.

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Complete Re-Man Parts List

Genunine Land Rover Remanufactured Parts. Download the list of re-manufactured parts here. Please note that pricing can change at anytime and all prices are subject to confirmation prior to order.

Date Uploaded: November 2020

Download Complete Re-man Parts List

We can provide a complete range of Land Rover and Range Rover remanufactured parts and accessories. Get in touch with us and we will help you out.

Accessories For Your Land Rover

Lazer Lamps


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Independent partners of Lazer Lamps means that you get the best quality lighting for your Land Rover installed by the best.

Lazer Lamps have developed high quality lighting solutions for all makes of vehicles. With such a range of products and choices, it can be difficult to choose a solution for your needs.

We offer only the highest quality parts and accessories to our customers, and Lazer Lamps is no exception. The highest quality lighting built to OE standards. You can't go wrong.

Speak to us about a tailored bespoke lighting solution for your Land Rover.

  • Suitable for all Land Rovers
  • Roof Mounting Lighting Solution
  • Grille Mounting Solutions
  • Mounted Lighting

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