Hunter Wheel Alignment in action on a Land Rover at Glenrands Land Rover and Range Rover Repair Specialists in Liphook, Hampshire, Surrey

Know Your Land Rover: Wheel Alignment

Glenrands_RossKnow Your Land Rover

Glenrands launched a new service to help local drivers reduce their motoring costs and improve their safety on the roads.

Thanks to the company’s investment in a state-of-the-art manufacturer approved Hunter four-wheel alignment system, drivers will be able to have their wheel alignment measured quickly and accurately. Any subsequent adjustments will then help to reduce any premature or uneven tyre wear, cut fuel bills and correct any distracting pull or drift issues.

“Many motorists are unaware of the importance of having a four wheel alignment service on their vehicles, but the benefits of motoring cost savings and the precautionary safety measure it offers, should not be ignored.,” explains Ross Brunyee of Glenrands. “With our new Hunter alignment service we will be able to see in a matter of minutes the extent of any misalignment on customers’ cars. By correcting these errors we will return the car to the manufacturers’ original settings and ensure that tyre life and fuel economy are maximised but also the car geometry and handling”.

Glenrands is an experienced independent service center dedicated to maintaining and repairing all Land Rover and Range Rover products. We have invested heavily in the most current manufacturer approved equipment and always work hard to stay abreast of modern technology in order to provide the best possible repair for you. We pride ourselves in delivering an outstanding and personal service at all times which sets us apart from the PLC owned main dealers.

The equipment installed by Glenrandsis a Hunter, the very latest alignment system offered by wheel alignment specialist Pro-Align. This machine is not only approved by Land Rover & Range Rover but is used at a factory level to check and correct the alignment on brand new cars before reaching their respective market. Indeed, such is the excitement about the Hunter wheel aligner, that not only does it win prestigious technology and innovation awards worldwide, but at servicing level can deliver a rapid, accurate and transparent service that motorists in the UK and Ireland are now asking for by name!

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is an essential vehicle service that ensures your car operates efficiently, comfortably and most importantly safely. It achieves this by making sure all of your wheels point in exactly the right direction in relation to each other and your direction of travel.

This is an increasingly important service for modern cars. The majority now have many adjustable components within the steering and suspension systems, which can cause misalignment when not set properly.

During a wheel alignment service, we accurately measure up to 14 primary wheel angles. We then compare them with the original specifications detailed by your car manufacturer. We can correct any differences found by adjusting your car’s steering and suspension settings. This helps to maximise your fuel efficiency, reduce any uneven tyre wear and improve driving comfort and safety.

For more detailed information about wheel alignment in general, including all the alignment angles we measure and the jargon-busting explanations, visit the link  Created for our customers by our Hunter equipment suppliers, Pro-Align (

Why does my car need a Hunter wheel alignment?

Have you ever noticed your tyres wearing more on one side than the other? Perhaps your car feels as if it pulls to one side? Or maybe your steering wheel isn’t straight?

These are all possible symptoms of misalignment and often lead to higher running costs of your car. Because, your tyres need replacing sooner and your fuel bills will be higher.

Misalignment can occur easily. Hitting a kerb or driving over a pothole are common causes. Even replacing a tyre or simple day to day wear and tear can all lead to your wheel misalignment.

Keep a regular check on your alignment and you will minimise these negative effects. Ensuring your car in the best possible condition.

What are the benefits of a Hunter wheel alignment?

Proper alignment benefits your car in many ways:

  1. Improved tyre life – misalignment is a major cause of uneven or premature tyre wear. Which is why correct alignment of your wheels can significantly extend the life of your tyres
  2. Improved fuel consumption – cars suffering from misalignment will have a higher fuel consumption as their wheels ‘drag’ along the road surface. Correctly setting the wheels straight reduces this resistance and gives you more miles per tank.
  3. Greener motoring – with improved fuel consumption and lower tyre wear, your impact on the environment will also improve. As a result your own personal carbon footprint reduces by emitting less CO2 emissions.
  4. Save money – by extending the life of your tyres and improving your fuel consumption. Correct alignment will help lower your motoring costs
  5. Better handling – wheel alignment can help correct many handling problems and deliver a more enjoyable driving experience. A good result with the car’s geometry set as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

Why choose our Hunter alignment service?

Our workshop is equipped with an award-winning Hunter alignment system. Widely recognised across the world as the leading alignment equipment, Hunter aligners are accurate, reliable and fast. What’s more, our team have been trained directly by Hunter’s UK representatives. Guaranteeing we give your car the best standards of care and attention possible.

Using real-time imaging cameras we measure all 14 primary angles on your car. We then compare these against the latest technical specifications for your vehicle. You will be provided with an easy to understand printout to prove and explain any alignment difficulties we may find. We will discuss any required work with you prior to commencing anything.  Upon completion, we will provide you with a second alignment printout, proof of a job well done.

For even more information about four wheel alignment, visit or

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Land Rover and Range Rover Repair Center Speciality wheel services with our Hunter 3D laser allignment equipment
Wheel alignment can be a problem for 4×4 or off-road vehicles. The Hunter Wheel Alignment system is perfect to diagnose and repair wheel alignment issues